It was a pretty tough design phase – we were on a pretty tight budget, the block wasn’t very common. Futureflip helped us through that process – they had an in house designer so it was really a turnkey solution. I would recommend Futureflip to anyone – they’ve absolutely delivered on what our vision has always been.


– Client


I’m extremely satisfied with Futureflip as my builder. The communication and professionalism is second to none. Right from the start, Neil guided us through the design process then the entire build process and everything went seamlessly.


Without question I would choose Futureflip for my next development, this place is fantastic and the level of detail is stunning.


– Client

Woolooware Rd

We were extremely happy with the entire Futureflip team and the processes involved in building our duplex. Neil was passionate about the project, bought in to the vision, and the boys were always pleasant and helpful on site.


What we loved was the passion that Neil and his team had towards our build – and ensuring that we achieved everything we’d set out to build. At times even giving options at how we might be able to gain a little more space, or practical improvements.


– Client


Right from the start, Neil guided us through the design process then the entire build process and everything went seamlessly.


We’re already looking at other sites, we definitely want to do another of these small developments with Neil.


I’d definitely recommend Futureflip to anyone looking to do the same sort of small development.


– Client


We were very happy with our finished duplex and have had many positive comments from our friends, neighbours, visitors and even strangers stopping in the street to admire and give positive feedback.


Everyone who has been to our duplex has been very impressed and we are very proud of what Futureflip and we have achieved here.


It’s lovely to live in and we feel very lucky every time we drive in the driveway.


– Client


Neil had a lot of input in the design concept and passed on his experience and knowledge during the DA process which made our plans passing through Council a lot smoother.


– Client


I’ve always been impressed by their dedication to the highest levels of accuracy. I consider them to be a very reputable building company and have a lot of confidence that they would uphold the highest standards of work. I actively recommend Futureflip as a reputable builder to family, friends and colleagues.


– Trent Vella, Registered Surveyor, TJ Surveyors

We wanted to work with people who were pushing the boundaries. The team is not the average building team – they’re trying to push ideas, do something new, do something different. A really modern, contemporary Australian vibe. Plus, really clear, direct communication which I think if you’re going into a building project it’s so important to know that you’re going to get that.


– Florence Kelly, Co-Founder, Tilecloud

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