We were initially attracted to Futureflip by the style of their work via various media forms. What sealed the deal for us was Neil’s passion about the product he delivers. We have a saying in our business that you “can’t buy passion” & he has it in spades.
One of the great advantages we found with using Futureflip is that they are a design & construct company so we were easily able to modify and enhance the build as we went along. To us that sets Futureflip apart from an architectural firm, that requires a builder to interpret & make the design work.
We believe we have ended up with a duplex that is outstanding in design & build quality. It has exceeded our expectations in so many ways. We believe in the Futureflip design & build model we have engaged with them to design and build our forever home on the beach on the south coast as well.

– Client


We’re really happy with the project we’ve done with Futureflip. It’s awesome to see the two houses come together, and we’re confident in the quality.


– Client


It’s architectural, bespoke and luxury – it’s everything you want. If you do want to be involved in designing and creating your own home then Futureflip is the best company to use. It wasn’t a stressful, painful process that many people make it out to be, it was actually pretty fun! We were able to work with Neil and the team on the design through a really iterative process. They really tried to understand the brief and understand how we wanted to live our lives and what was important to us. The combination of all us working together in a collaborative way was just great.


– Client


By choosing Futureflip, we achieved something fantastic – much better than a project home, and we were able to get a better price for our duplex on the other side that we sold.

I would definitely use Futureflip again. It was so easy and quick – it’s such a stressful time anyway, designing and building- you don’t want it to go on forever. The fact that they finished our project within a 14-week timeframe was awesome.


– Client


It’s the most incredible house I’ve ever seen. Working with Futureflip on the design and build was seamless and the entire process has been such an incredible journey. We are so happy with what we’ve achieved and the hard work has really paid off.


– Client


We chose to build with Futureflip because of the build quality, build speed, local builder and unique architectural designs, and we were very satisfied with our decision. Futureflip designed and built a unique duplex to suit a block with dual access that we doubt another builder would have achieved.


– Client

Oyster Bay

We chose Futureflip because of their quality of build. We were after something that we could build quickly, and the benefit of the speed of the build for me is that we could rent them out faster. The whole project was run very smoothly, and nothing was a problem and they produced a great product. Neil and the team have done a fantastic job, I’d love to work with them again in the future.


– Client


Working in the building industry as I do, it’s easier for me to understand and see what is value and what’s not, and Futureflip definitely offer value. We were very particular and we wanted someone with a sense of drive and sense of delivery to be able to give us exactly what we were after, and we are so happy we chose Futureflip.


– Client


There are so many great aspects of working with Futureflip, but the thing that really won us over was the speed and the precision with which the building was completed. We were able to design a house that we actually wanted to live in – it’s our dream home.


– Client

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