Top tips for designing duplex facades that will stand out

Having designed and built over 60 duplexes over the last decade, we’ve got some great insight on how to design a duplex façade that will look amazing, eye-catching and timeless.

Our top tips are:

  • Get the symmetry right – either use a completely symmetrical design or play with the proportions, but be sure that overall the duplex looks balanced.
  • Use clean lines – by concealing downpipes and guttering within your building envelope, you can create a much more striking and bold look.
  • Choose texture over colour, always – to ensure your project will remain on-trend for years to come, stick to a monochromatic palette of whites, blacks and greys and use natural materials like recycled brick or timber as a feature.
  • Use a mixture of materials to create something unique – by mixing different types of cladding with various raw materials, you can achieve a bold and contemporary look.


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