Where to save and where to spend on your new home


  • Front Façade: This is the most visible part of your house – it’s vital to get this right. By choosing high-quality materials like recycled brick, timber and fibre-cement cladding you’ll be able to achieve a great look that will last.
  • Entryway and front door – It’s important to set a great first impression by making sure your entryway and front door are classic and feel solid.
  • Bathroom – this is an area that visitors always see, and to invest in quality tiles and tapware is to invest in the longevity of the space.
  • Kitchen – this is probably the most popular area of the house! You want to create a space where your family can relax and spend time together.



  • Sides and rear of the house – as these areas aren’t readily visible, it’s not worth spending a lot on fancy materials.
  • Tiles – it’s easy to choose expensive tiles and blow your budget. We recommend choosing an Australian supplier and choosing one feature tile to have throughout the house, and to keep the rest classic and simple.

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